My Maybellene

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Burning on nervous lips of tension, a sultry confessional stare, crown-less

Like a French film in the evening of mid-motion, to the never-ending glare, clouded

With a primrose on her lap in London or in Basel, from here to the Taj Mahal

It’s anywhere you care to see or to mention, not giving her the attention she craves

As she steals your air, your thunder and your grace, she’s shaving and

Lacing your face with a grimace like Grimaldi on stoops or in alleyways

Pimping paving slabs, roads of grit and empty tabs down the drain and in the shit

Tainting the muddy feet of mourners, complimenting Turkish coffee talkers on café corners

And is prevalent to the Brandy before the dawn-song

Offering herself like a Coney Island of the mind-bong

A rolled one is the bomb, the first drag, gongs of time, belated

Belting out smoke-stacks of pleasure, it writhes, it wrinkles, it cracks

The skin if you let the demon in, it crinkles in the ashtray, stubborn, wary, wry

A death-addicted fairy, a sly and magic wand, contraband and grip-less like sand

Though tough enough to make her mark, an assassin in the mild night of exuberance

A trance in mid thought of delay, pausing for nothing but the weight of encumbrance

Feeling for nothing, except the void of night

And dumb to the repeatable day, a grapple in the hand, a marajuana high

Tobacco in the pipe, a glory replacing prayer

Not so many nowadays, but I’ll sit to smoke this anyway

And then I’ll go back to bed, not to sleep, but to slip a little further down in dream

And murmur not a peep, aye it’ll be serene, she got her own way

She’s gone to town to trampoline, that’s Rock n roll, yup that’s my Maybellene


A Winter Kiss

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There’s a snowfield maze
Carved out of the cold
From the bitter blow

Of Winter lips

In paradise
Thrown out of the door

Of that pearly gate
Wishing she’d been
Kind and gentle
Less smite on the toes
More sensory to the nose
And eyes of
Critical acclaim
To the fear of fame
The snowfield maze
Is shadowy
And deep

In sleep eternal
The coldest gale
Strengthens her crib
Nothing befalls
Her Babylonian exterior
Legend has it made
In the snowfield maze
A eighth, ninth and tenth wonder
Broken asunder
Love breaks ice
Passion thaws
Opens new doors
Coldness loses out
As life ravages on


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When snowflakes mount the stones of the ground
Refuge is a heartbreaking tone of sound, an air of pain
Adieux, adieux my love

When lovers are mourning, from their hands to feet
Tears adorn their ghosts of the street, all in vain
Adieux, adieux my love

When sadness returns it’s long and low
Happiness is lost and gone, nothing we knew is now known
Adieux, adieux my love

Less than a lover and no more than friends
Nothing is left, we shan’t pretend
Adieux, adieux my love

Sick as a parrot and blind as a fool
Why is love this strange and cruel
Adieux, adieux my love

You sang Hallelujah while I drove all night
It’s a mortal e-motion when daylight has broken
Adieux, adieux my love

Untrusted heart, let go of that feeling, no compromise
A dream must float before it capsizes
Adieux, adieux my love

Knock on, roll up those sleeves
It’s the only way to get a reprieve
Adieux, adieux my love

The next great love is ‘probably’ another great tomorrow
Invisible at this moment, infallible in sorrow
Adieux, adieux my love

Illuminations cast in an alternate light
For the last time, this is the last goodnight
Adieux, adieux my love

Blue Boxes

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The Thrill Seeker Funk Blues

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Save the love
For a love story
Save a love feeling
For a lovely thing
A whole body tight
Is a soul delight
Night dreams
Sweetness teems
In the dance seams
Of an evening groove
Vibration, temptation
Swaying inebriation
By the waitress
Serving cold ice
On hot rocks
Bar stools
Whiskey taboos
Singing as fools
The wrangler tricks out
To the midnight licks
Soul sisters dig the
Mr Misters
Beating the sticks
On stage
With the jazz bronze
And funk brothers
Little tinkers
The ladies wriggle
To the manic giggles
Of wiggly music
Losing time
In gin and lime
Eyes flex
Knees rise
Feet walk
In the sleep talker
A finish flash
Lighting the next song
Save the love
For a love story
Save a love feeling
For a lovely thing
Swing and fly
Into the moonlit sky
As the midnight ball
Bounces on

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16.06.10 Haiku’s

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Rubbing morning eyes
As the daylight’s blues begin
Blinded by the sun

Yawning evening mouth
As the twilight’s sin decays
Haunted by the moon